POWER-GEN International 2015
Energy Storage, Controlling Emissions, Improving Plant Performance - these are just SOME of the topics that will be discussed!
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11 Tracks Covering Power Generation’s Hottest Topics

More than 200 industry experts will present new solutions and innovations for the future in more than 40 conference sessions broken up in 11 tracks offering full conference attendees a chance to earn Professional Development Hours (PDH).

As a POWER-GEN International Attendee you will also gain access to Renewable Energy World, NUCLEAR POWER International and COAL-GEN Conference Sessions!

Microgrids, Storage & Virtual Power Plants
• 1A – Optimizing Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources with Intelligent Controls
• 1B – Distributed Technology and Grid Stabilization
• 1C – Utilities’ Perspective on Energy Storage

Emissions Control
• 2A – Clean Coal Plan
• 2B – Environmental Regulations: Updates and Compliance
• 2C – Advancements in SCR Technologies
• 3A – AQCS Projects & Case Studies: FGDS to Carbon Capture
• 3B – Navigating Emission Reductions Through Plant Improvements
• 3C – CCR/ELG Regs – Walking the Tightrope


Gas Turbine Technologies
• 4A – Small and Medium Gas Turbines
• 4B – Combined Cycle I
• 4C – Combined Cycle II

• 5A – Performance & Operational Enhancements
• 5B – Gas Turbine Technology and Product Advancements
• 5C – Gas Turbines: Life-Cycle Cost Improvements through O&M Innovation


Industry Trends / Competitive Power Generation
• 6A – Quick Start, High Efficiency & Economy of Scale - You Can Have It All
• 6B – New Combined Cycle Power Plants
• 6C – Project Assessment, Development and Execution

• 7A – Assuring Reliable Production and Distribution of Power
• 7B – Gas Fired Generation Trends – Reciprocating Engines or Gas Turbines?
• 7C – Options to Maximize Value of Existing Coal Plants


On-Site Power
• 8A – CHP Trends in North America
• 8B – Optimized Reliability for On-Site Power Systems
• 8C – Distributed Generation: Financing, Technologies & Energy Storage

Plant Performance
• 9A – Improvements in Boiler Operation and Performance
• 9B – Asset Management
• 9C – Steam Turbine Performance and Reliability Improvement & Generator Inspection

• 10A – HRSG's - Design, Maintenance & Monitoring Best Practices
• 10B – GT Performance and Techno-economic Improvements
• 10C – Plant Performance Improvement with Automation, Analysis and Simulation


Power Project Financing
• 11A – Successfully Financing Power Projects in the Developing World
• 11B – Financing Strategies and Structures - Panel Discussion
• 11C – Unconventional Financing – Solving Uncertainty and Gaps in Today’s Market
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