ABMA Leadership

ABMA is governed by a Board of Directors of its membership. The board members serve three-year terms and are elected through a nominating committee process that is voted on by the membership at each Annual Meeting.

Officers of the Board

Mark Colman
Nancy Simoneau
Groupe Simoneau
Changing Of The Guard | Johnston BoilerSecretary/ Treasurer
Dave Reinink
Johnston Boiler
Immediate Past Chair
Doug WrightSuperior Boiler
President & CEO
Scott Lynch


Remainder of the Board

Rocky Bahramzad, Cleaver-Brooks
Larry Day, Nationwide Boiler
Tom Garbarino, BFS Industries
Paul Ingham, Thermogenics
Bryan O'Toole, Burnham
Rich Simons, Laars Heating
Tricia Staible, Robinson Fans
Mark Wehmeier, Webster Combustion Technology

Chair, Associate Member Group
Phil Griggs, Honeywell

Vice-Chair, Associate Member Group
Steve Kemp, Autoflame