ABMA Leadership

ABMA is governed by a Board of Directors of its membership. The board members serve three-year terms and elected through a nominating committee process that is voted on by the membership at each Annual Meeting.

Officers of the Board

Doug Wright
Superior Boiler
Mark Colman
Changing Of The Guard | Johnston BoilerSecretary/ Treasurer
Dave Reinink
Johnston Boiler
Immediate Past Chair
John Viskup
Victory Energy
President & CEO
Scott Lynch


Remainder of the Board

Larry Day, Nationwide Boiler
Tom Garbarino, BFS Industries
Paul Ingham, Thermogenics
Steve Rubarts, Williams & Davis
Nancy Simoneau, Groupe Simoneau
Rich Simons, Laars Heating
Tricia Staible, Robinson Fans
Neil Whitworth, Power Flame

Chair, Associate Member Group
Steven Taylor, WARE

Vice-Chair, Associate Member Group
Phil Griggs, Honeywell